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BACP Registered and Accredited Counsellor/Psychotherapist/Life Coach| EAC Accredited Counsellor | PSYCH-K Facilitator Private Practice
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Hello my name is Suzanne. I'm a qualified  experienced therapist working in private practice online video/phone. I am also a person just like you who is deeply passionate about therapy and the transformational effects it has on individuals who engage and are committed to their wellbeing. 

People often turn to counselling when they feel unable to cope mentally and emotionally  to the parallels of unresolved past issues and current environmental and relational circumstances. Are you  struggling with change?Perhaps you are experiencing family conflict that is leaving you feeling unloved, angry and frustrated? Or you find yourself  in the middle of a relationship breakup that is causing you discomfort and distress, with underlying feelings of sadness and/or anxiety, that could be impacting on your self worth, work performance and life balance? Sometimes you might feel so confused you don't even know how you feel or what you need.

What ever it is that you are going through I would like to work with you to support,  guide and equip you through finding your own answers, resolutions, and perhaps gain a new outlook. Counselling is an opportunity to gain greater self awareness and understanding into yourself and those  around you, that can bring you some much needed peace and clarity. My approach is Integrative Humanistic Person Centred and PSYCH-K (a form of CBT) which values the therapeutic relationship and the autonomous right of every individual to be self governing. 

Whether we meet in person or online,  I ensure a safe , empathic and secure confidential space where you can speak your truth, express your thoughts and feelings, feel heard and explore your resources  towards resolve at your own pace. I recognise its not always easy connecting with the right counsellor, which is why I invite you to a no obligation call to explore your needs, ask questions and get a sense of me. Above all, trust your gut.


~ Sophia ~
I have been working with Suzanne for the past 5 years. Her counselling sessions continue to be an incredible support in my life. Suzanne has an ability to immediately understand my thoughts, feelings and emotions.         She provides a valuable guidance which always helps me to feel lighter, clearer and make better and conscious decisions. It is very tangible while working with her that she has a wide spectrum of experience and can support me in whatever issue i need support with. She is a great listener, an experienced and talented therapist. I have recommended her to several friends and family members and everyone is amazed by the support they feel by working with her. Suzanne is loving, compassionate, clear, funny and very present. I am very fortunate to have found a therapist with such integrity who is committed to truly supporting people. So whether i just need support with a smaller topic, or facing a stronger issue, Suzanne has never failed to be a huge help.                         My life has truly changed for the better since working with her. 

Everything that we see is a shadow cast by, that which we do not see.

~ The Invitation ~

OneLove Counselling offers Therapy for:

Low Self Esteem | Anxiety & Depression | Addiction | Relationship Disharmony | Bereavement

Stress Release | Mindfulness | Belief Modification | Shadow Work | Professional Transitioning  

PSYCH-K | Cross culture | Expats | Immigrants 

~ We each have to find our own way through loss and change, but we don't have to do it alone! ~

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Discovery Call
15 Minutes

This FREE one to one phone call is an Invitation that allows you the opportunity to  explore how counselling and coaching can help you, to connect with Suzanne and ask questions about the service.

Individual Counselling Session 
60 Minutes

Telephone or video call counselling sessions accessible in the comfort of your own home or a safe space at a time that suits you. 

From £35/€40

Couple Counselling Session
60 Minutes

Video call couple counselling sessions accessible in the comfort of your own home together at a time that suit you both, or at different locations if being in the same space is uncomfortable to begin with.


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